The term "Remediation of polluted sites" refers to all the activities that will be carried out at contaminated sites, in which a contamination of the natural characteristics of the environmental matrices reached a higher limit of the parameters established and permitted by law.

As part of the remediation of contaminated sites and abandoned industrial areas, thanks to the considerable experience gained, we are able to design, manage and implement a 360 ° intervention plan. We mainly face problems due to soil contamination by pollutants of different types as well as areas where the presence of artifacts containing asbestos is detected both in a friable and compact state.

Given the complexity of the interventions and the importance of the risk assessment to be conducted during the activities, we guarantee constant consultation between the Project Managers and the technicians of the competent authorities until the certification of successful remediation is obtained.

Legislative Decree 152/2006. Thanks to the experience and skills of S.E.A. Srl in this field , we can intervene from the initial reclamation stage to the final testing of the land reclamation service.