S.E.A. Srl is able to carry out, with its own different capacity technologies, the treatment of inertization and dehydration of sludge by means of centrifuges and filter presses, both fixed and mobile. S.E.A. Srl also has authorized plants capable of carrying out water treatment and sludge dewatering tests directly at the customer's premises, preparing the necessary mechanical and chemical optimizations on site.

The laboratories of the Water treatment division study the characteristics of the mud and consequently choose the best performing chemicals.

Sludge Centrifugation

The synergy between S.E.A. Srl and the high specialization of their technical staff, form the winning combination when it comes to solving problems inherent to the dewatering of civil and industrial sludge. The operating flexibility of the Centrifugal Decanters developed in partnership by S.E.A. Srl, combined with decades of experience in the treatment of wastewater containing suspended solids, makes this sector efficient and economical, with high performance in terms of eco-compatibility.

The selection and use of appropriate chemical products guarantees the maximisation of technical / environmental performance and safe economic savings. S.E.A. Srl, over the last few years, has developed a completely ATEX "zone 0" centrifuge, equipped not only with explosion-proof motors, but also with a continuous control system of the air quality inside the machine. An oxygen metre, set within its intervention limits by the operator, determines the operation of an inertisation system with N2 capable of guaranteeing compliance with the O2 limits within the auger / drum system and of determining non-explosive internal atmospheres at any time of the operation. The system is equipped with an automatic lock in case of malfunction of the internal inerting system.

S.E.A. srl has an integrated and accessorised system installed on an articulated vehicle to intervene, on request, promptly, effectively and efficiently.

Sludge filter pressing

The filter press is a device used for dewatering sludge, allowing a volumetric reduction of liquid substances that have suspended solids inside them. It is made up of a succession of dishes alternating with canvases that adhere to each other, forming chambers in which the dehydrated mud panel is formed.
The sludge is pumped at high pressure inside the machine; the solid phase is thus retained inside the chambers and the liquid phase, with a low content of suspended solids, comes out of the filter press.
Subsequently, with the opening of the chambers, the solid phase is removed.
In order to best meet their customer's needs S.E.A srl, has a pilot filter press which is used to carry out dehydration tests on cloths of different textures. Once the performances to be met have been identified, S.E.A. Srl intervenes with a mobile filter press. The advantages of filter-pressing sludge are many, first of all there is an economic saving in disposal, as the dry filtrate has lower transport and disposal costs than the liquid one; it also allows water to be recovered for production processes.

The mobile plant of S.E.A. Srl is formed as follows:

  • Filter press;
  • Sludge Pump;
  • Chemical Conditioning Station;
  • Conveyor belt.