S.E.A. Srl offers a third party waste disposal service for all types of waste such as liquid, solid, powder, etc. The staff require a certificate of analysis for each type of waste. If this is not available, S.E.A Srl collaborates with affiliated laboratories for the issue of the certificate.

Based on the type of waste, the certificate and in some cases, the sample, are sent to several disposal plants. The choice of the plant and the price depend on the time in which a plant is able to receive the different quantities of waste according to the customer's needs. The recipients of the waste are selected after a stringent evaluation process that goes far beyond the simple authorisation profile. Only plants which have been previously and accurately “confirmed” by our managers through surveys on the management of workplace safety, environmental management and the treatment of employees in compliance with the relevant legislation are used.

We have a fleet of different vehicles to guarantee a complete service to our customers.

All vehicles are ADR approved, most of them comply with ATEX regulations, and all drivers have a license for the transportation of dangerous materials. We also offer the possibility to companies to rent demountable airtight containers which can be used for temporary storing on a daily basis. Waste is collected and disposed of once the containers are completely filled.