Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is one of the top services carried out by S.E.A. Srl aimed at achieving optimal system maintenance, lengthening the system’s life span.
The long and multifaceted experience gained and the highly qualified workforce make it possible to efficiently perform plant shutdowns even over long periods, in any type of atmosphere (confined spaces, interventions in ATEX classified areas) and at any altitude.

Specific activities include:

  • High pressure hydrodynamic cleaning;
  • Cleaning and draining of ditches, tanks, basins, industrial areas and equipment;
  • Dust extraction and storage;
  • Conveyor belt cleaning;
  • Filter bags replacement;
  • Cleaning of mineral storage areas;
  • Cleaning with radio-controlled equipment to carry out activities remotely and in complete safety;
  • Emergency services following flooding or floods;
  • Aspiration operations for safety after spills;
  • Bleeding and cleaning of industrial lines and pipelines;
  • Road cleaning after accidents or accidental dispersion of material on the road surface;
  • Suction interventions for safety after spills.

One of S.E.A. Srl’s strengths is it’s high level of flexibility that allows quick, coordinated and effective responses to the client’s needs.