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We are an organisation committed to the safeguarding of the environment.

We actively support a safe and convenient energy transition, with the aim of preserving the future of our planet and promoting an efficient and democratic access to energy resources.

Our work is based ion passion, innovation and the courage to face new challenges, always projected onto new horizons. A multidisciplinary nature of skills, for constant growth and continuous improvement.
We respect the dignity of people, valuing diversity as an essential resource for the development of humanity.
On the responsibility, integrity, reliability and transparency of our actions, we believe in a shared and proactive approach to safety at work.

We practice a culture of participatory, shared and proactive safety at work. We strongly focus on the value of partnership with customers and institutions to create long- lasting shared value.
An extensive commitment, to pursue a development capable of responding “ the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own” ("Our common future" - 1987, also known as the "Brundtland Report", named after the president of the World Commission on Environment and Development).

facility management

Facility Management is a set of services on which the comfort of the workplace and the proper functioning of all company activities depend. It includes all the activities that revolve around the core business of public and private companies, relating to the management of the physical location of the environment and of all resources.

Facility Management has a strategic impact on internal processes and, consequently, on productivity. The correct management of the services taken over by the Facility Management (such as industrial maintenance, warehouse logistics, cleaning, pest control, green maintenance, etc.) aims to optimise time and consumption, increase the efficiency of processes, reduce the environmental impact and support the overall operation of the company, thus contributing to making the work environment more comfortable with substantial benefits on the well-being and quality of life of the people concerned.




SEA's commitment to promote health and safety in the workplace through a culture of day-to-day prevention is constant and recognised.

An efficient health and safety system cannot be ignored from the informational process, training courses and training of the human resources involved in the system, whom are not just protected parties but also active and critical participants. Therefore, they too are required to make an important contribution in safety strategies by being aware of the working environment conditions as well as the use of safety devices and participating in risk assessment and prevention.
It is therefore unavoidable to take this cultural approach that provides for the adoption of a constant safety practice shared by both the employer and the worker, as well as by external parties for a dynamic and concrete implementation of accident prevention and health protection of employees.

For this reason we have decided to spread our message across all our communication channels, with the intention of reaching as many people as possible and supporting an HSE culture wherever it is possible through thematic illustrations, technical and legal contributions, good practices, experiences and clear examples of virtuous behaviour that should always be encouraged.

SEA has very clear ideas in this regard: protecting the health and safety of people is not a cost but an investment, it is both a legal and a moral duty in the interest of all.

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