S.E.A. s.r.l. has been operating since 2007 throughout Italy and abroad in the main industrial sectors such as Petrochemical, Refining, Energy, Steelworks, etc. and also on a Civil scale.

It originated from the collaboration of a highly specialised team with decades of experience in the sectors of Water Treatment, Waste Management, Drainage of Plants and Tanks and the design and construction of process plants.

Over the years it has also operated in the civil sector by offering integrated multi-technological processes and a wide range of services capable of satisfying the most varied needs of both its public and private customers.


Our main mission is the study of technical, operational and maintenance problems so that we can then propose innovative and competitive solutions aimed at structurally reducing the operating and management costs of Customers.

Our awareness of the problems of safety and the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities are reflected in the development of systems and solutions aimed at maximizing automation, to reduce the implicit risks of the activities of operating personnel, and the reuse of materials from waste currently sent for disposal and last but not least, the minimisation of the production of waste deriving from these activities.

S.E.A. s.r.l., is organised on the basis of highly qualified working teams including technicians and professionals specialised in various fields to offer advice and continuous assistance and support the customer along the way.