S.E.A. Srl was created with the aim of reducing management and environmental costs related to water cycles and the waste of production sites.

For this reason it has developed technologies for the recycling of waste water and the reduction of solid waste (sludge for disposal).
The knowledge of plant engineering problems and water composition led to the establishment of the Water Treatment division, aimed at designing complete packages for Water Treatment, Water Recycling and Sludge Dewatering.

S.E.A. Srl has the equipment, chemicals and technical and analytical knowledge necessary for the treatment of processed industrial water:

  • Inlet waters
  • Cooling waters
  • Low, medium and high pressure steam production
  • Waste water
  • Microbiological products
  • Planning and consultancy for the recovery of waste water (Water Recycling)
  • Laboratory studies and comparative tests for the prediction of economic returns
  • Deodorizers and removal of H2