S.E.A. Srl, uses the ACCUSTRIP system as a flagship product for hydro sandblasting.

ACCUSTRIP is one of the most efficient systems for cleaning and removing coatings and encrustations from both flexible and rigid surfaces.
The surface being treated is hit by jets of water and sodium bicarbonate granules, which can remove the coatings layer by layer. Furthermore, thanks to the wide range of adjustments, zinc plating and other special metal protections can be cleaned without damage.

The advantages of the S.E.A. Srl:

  • Time saving
  • Respect for the machine-operators
  • Easy disposal of used sodium bicarbonate

Ultimately with the use of the ACCUSTRIP system of S.E.A. Srl can:

  • Remove oil and grease without pre-washing
  • Carry out the operation without any particular ventilation
  • Delicately clean composites and scratchable surfaces