Video inspections and relining

S.E.A. Srl has a mobile video inspection unit equipped with advanced and state-of-the-art systems which can accurately evaluate the intervention to be carried out. Our technology allows us to operate, in both civil and industrial contexts, in total safety and in critical conditions, even in ATEX environments, defined according to the directives of the European Union, areas at risk of explosion.

The main advantages we offer to our customers:

  • Limitation of (invasive!) Dismantling and demolition interventions
  • Quick intervention times
  • Possibility of repair or reconstruction using non-destructive solutions (relining)
  • Reduction of inconvenience for the search of leaks and for subsequent repairs thanks to the instant localization system which provides, following the inspection, a multimedia report
  • The use of remote control guarantees the maximum safety for the operators who can carry out the intervention at a safe distance.

Prevention is better than cure!