High pressure hydrodynamic cleaning

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, S.E.A. Srl is able to perform high pressure hydrodynamic cleaning on any type of industrial equipment.

The main feature of the methodological approach lies in the specific preventive study of the interventions to be carried out, with the use of innovative systems, designed and implemented by S.E.A. Srl, which allow to intervene even in unconventional situations, with the main objective of reducing the operations of its staff, thus reducing the intrinsic risks, and of reducing the environmental impact deriving from the production of washing waste, both in terms quantitative and qualitative.

In industrial maintenance activities it is often possible to extract tube bundles of heat exchangers to allow more effective cleaning and to allow maintenance and mechanical restoration of these.
Per queste attività S.E.A. Srl dispone di tutte le attrezzature necessarie:

  • Aerial extractor able to extract tube bundles of any size positioned at any height;
  • It transports bundles for the safe handling of the tube bundles in the washing areas;
  • Brush for internal / external tube bundles for high pressure, automated and complete cleaning;
  • Automated rotating motor washers for cleaning the heat exchanger casings;
  • Profiles specifically trained and trained for the cleaning of the exchangers and the use of technologies.

The cold cutting operation of pipes and sheets is performed in full autonomy by S.E.A. Srl with its own specialized personnel through the use of hydroerosion methods with premixing with the use of very high pressure and abrasive water as required by the minimum safety and environmental protection requirements in the remediation of equipment where the use of explosion-proof systems is required.