Extraction, handling and washing of tube bundles

SEA srl performs high pressure hydrodynamic cleaning on all types of industrial equipment. The main feature of the methodological approach lies in the specific preventive study of the interventions to be carried out, with the use of innovative systems, designed and built by SEA srl, which allow to intervene even in unconventional situations.

In addition, SEA srl specializes in the extraction, transport and re-insertion of tube bundles of heat exchangers.

Among these activities, SEA srl has all the necessary equipment:

  • High Pressure Motor Pumps up to 3000 bar
  • Aerial extractor able to extract tube bundles of any size positioned at any height
  • Transports bundles for the safe handling of the tube bundles in the washing areas
  • Automated brush for hydrodynamic washing of the inside and outside parts of the tube bundles
  • Automatic Rotating Washers for cleaning mantles and vessels
  • Specialized personnel for hydrodynamic cleaning and the use of high pressure machines.