Chemical cleaning is performed to remove organic and inorganic materials from metallic surfaces, in pickling and passivation processes or within preventive activities during the start-up of industrial installations.

The cleaning takes place in a closed cycle and is monitored through chemical tests during the whole process.

S.E.A. Srl follows non-standard operational procedures, using weak acids to reduce any kind of risks, both for the operative staff and the cleaning equipment and monitoring the effectiveness of the cleaning treatment throughout all the intervention stages.

To remove organic deposits S.E.A. Srl uses a chemical product of own formulation (SEA SKIPPER), whose effectiveness has repeatedly been tested (technology and exercise) and which has not been assigned any R-phrase on handling and environment.
Lastly, through various partnerships with specialised companies, S.E.A. Srl is able to provide characterisation tests as well as the disposal of wastewater produced during the cleaning process.