Equipment for tube bundle extraction

SEA srl carries out high-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning on all sorts of industrial equipment.

SEA srl’s main feature of methodological approach is its focus on the specific evaluation of all interventions to be done, using its own created innovative systems to be able to operate also in non conventional situations.

Moreover, SEA srl is specialized in the extraction, transport and reinstatement of tube bundles and heat exchangers.

SEA srl provides all the necessary equipment for the conduct of such activities:

  • High pressure motor pumps up to 3000 bar
  • Aerial tube bundle extractor for tube bundles of any size placed at any height
  • Tube bundle trailer for safe transportation to the cleaning areas
  • Tube lancer to clean both the inside and the outside of the tube bundles
  • Self-rotating automated tank-cleaning system for the cleaning of tanks and vessels
  • Qualified cleaning personnel for hydrodynamic cleaning and the safe and efficient operation of high-pressure units.