Tank and reservoirs cleaning

The remediation system developed by S.E.A. Srl – Servizi Ecologici Ambientali – is part of an integrated process for the cleaning and restoration of reservoirs and storage tanks for petroleum products called “Obiettivo Rifiuti 0” (Objective: waste 0), in which different temporal phases are integrated with the use of specific technologies in order to obtain the following main advantages:

  • Waste reduction
  • Increase recovered raw materials
  • Minimisation of time schedules of any planned activity
  • Economic exploitation of recovered oil after its reuse
  • Reduction of sludge to remove manually from the tanks
  • Reduce man-entry tank cleaning
  • Increase the safety of the staff during the operational phase
  • Reduce emissions in the atmosphere during the remediation process
  • Increase environmental compatibility of the remediation process

The effectiveness of the process is built around the structural modularity of the operating system and the interdisciplinarity of our professional backgrounds, making it possible to employ dual-use technologies, both on an integrated or independent level depending on the needs.


are automated systems conceived, designed and created by S.E.A. Srl for the remediation and homogenisation of reservoirs, basins, tanks of any size containing any kind of material.

These systems can be installed inside the tanks, both through the lower manhole (SBHD) or through the tank roof (RBHD) consenting the sludge removal operations without personnel physically entering into them. Moreover, each operating module has an odour abatement device for controlling any kind of emission. Two specific H2S and O2 sensors placed in the vicinity of the working area inside the basin of the tank control the odour emissions. The values of these parameters are recorded and any exceeding of the alert thresholds will immediately disable the System (automatic engine shutdown).

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