Production processes have always their counterpart in what are generally called “production residues”, which in the majority of cases will be released for disposal as waste or processed into secondary raw materials that can be used within another production process. However, in both cases, the whole process is subject to the existing legislation.

S.E.A. Srl has always been focused on the conception and development of technologies to reduce waste products for final disposal (such as hydrocarbon residues, tank sludges, oily sludges, etc.) contributing to an efficient retrieval of raw materials, such as good quality hydrocarbon components to be put back into the production cycle.

The cooperation with various leading companies in this sector originates precisely from the constant need to develop forefront technologies and applications, thus ensuring an integrated management of waste, both from an environmental and economic point of view. Moreover, another ambitious but decisive objective is that of achieving “0 waste”, thus reducing disposal costs and extracting value from the retrieval of raw materials to be reused in the production processes in the existing plants.

A team of experts has developed a process named R1 and designed its related plant, which allows the recovering and recycling of high-value product types from industrial residues. R1 represents the latest generation of a series of plants whose processes and design have constantly been implemented over the last 5 years.

R1 is based on distillation and pyrolysis treatment of residues through heat within an inert atmosphere (absence of oxygen or air). 3 main products will be the result of this process:

  1. A non-condensable gases phase, which may be used in a generator to produce electricity;
  2. A condensable liquid phase, usually consisting of high value materials (e.g. oils, solvents, etc. depending on the original raw material) and water;
  3. A solid dry phase made of char/carbon black and inorganic matter.

R1 basically is a process designed to recover the intrinsic value of certain materials for industrial use. This process may be applied on various industrial productions, thus limiting the disposal of certain potentially hazardous substances and substantially reducing the disposal costs and the hazardousness of waste.

The plant carrying out the R1 process consists of the following equipment:

  • a skid mounted “reactor”, where the product is loaded to undergo a heat treatment;
  • a “process” skid, where vapours are recovered in the form of condensable products and where non-condensable gases are conveniently treated;
  • process and control units.