Promoting respect for the environment and the sustainable development, S.E.A. Srl manages routine and supplementary maintenance of urban green areas and of play equipment in various sites all over the country, cooperating both with local government and private bodies.

In order to respect the environment, S.E.A. Srl operates on the basis of a season-sensitive rolling programme, taking into account the biodiversity of the species.

The application-oriented approach and the innovation during the maintenance cycles allow S.E.A. Srl an efficient management of the maintenance of green areas, protecting them without altering or damaging the biophysical context.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, S.E.A. Srl is able to provide high standards in the delivery of services in the shortest time possible to be fully compliant with security rules in the sites where the works are to be carried out. S.E.A. Srl  also carries out simple road maintenance works and the reinstatement of traffic signs and road markings using high quality and highly reliable materials.