refers to all kinds of intervention to be performed on contaminated areas, in which the natural characteristics of their environmental matrices were found to be contaminated, exceeding the permitted concentration of the parameters established in national legislation.

As far as the remediation of contaminated areas and old industrial sites is concerned, thanks to the vast experience gained over the years we are able to develop and implement an all-round management plan covering all needs. SEA s.r.l. is mainly involved in dealing with different kinds of land contaminants and with areas in which the presence of products containing asbestos both friable or compact is detected.

Due to the interventions’ complexity and the importance of risk assessment during the works, S.E.A. srl provides a thorough assistance and a continuous concertation between the designers and planners in charge and the technical staff of the competent authorities until the remediation certifications will be issued.

Land remediation is of upmost importance since contamination alters the soil’s composition, thereby rendering it infertile and also because it poses a serious risk to human health. All activities related to land remediation are carried out by S.E.A. srl ensuring compliance with the requirements specified in LD 152/2006. Our experience and extensive expertise in land remediation enable us to intervene from the outset to the final testing of the land remediation service.