S.E.A. s.r.l.  can count on over ten years of experience in the use of gully emptiers. We have developed an unrivalled level of expertise in emptying and flushing operations for all civil and industrial applications.

We have 6 state of the art gully emptiers at our disposal, which are electronically controlled and fitted with probes and equipment to meet any requirement. The gully emptier trailer can be combined with trucks and tankers to increase speed and efficiency and optimise transport movements.

S.E.A. s.r.l.  can also provide clients with the following services: video inspection, recovering, scarification and leak test.


  • Emergency services after flooding or inundations
  • Aspiration to render situations safe after spillages
  • Road cleaning services after accidents or accidental spillage of material on the road surface
  • Unblocking and cleaning industrial lines and piping;
  • Cleaning containment tanks
  • Aspiration of muddy and sludgy material and waste
  • Removal and disposal of muddy and sludgy material and waste
  • Emptying cesspools and restoring lines