Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, S.E.A. Srl carries out high-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning on all sorts of industrial equipment.

The equipment’s efficiency and the highly competent operative staff allow the management of a wide spectrum of issues ranging from the removal of deposits on surfaces to cold cutting of metals, from the decontamination of tanks to the rehabilitation of industrial sites.

The main feature of methodological approach by SEA srl is its focus on the preventive specific evaluation of all interventions to be done, using its own innovative systems in order to operate also in non-conventional situations. The main objective is to reduce the inherent risks for the operative staff to a minimum and to minimise the environmental impact arising from wastewater during the cleaning process, in both quantitative and in qualitative terms.

During the maintenance activities in the industrial sector, it is very often the case that tube bundles of heat exchangers are extracted to allow a thorough cleaning of them, as well as to facilitate maintenance and mechanical repairs.
SEA srl provides all the necessary equipment for the conduct of such activities:

  • Aerial tube bundle extractor for tube bundles of any size placed at any height;
  • Tube bundle trailer for safe transportation to the cleaning areas;
  • Tube lancer for an automated and complete high pressure cleaning both of the inside and the outside of tube bundles;
  • Self-rotating automated cleaning system for shell heat exchangers;
  • Qualified staff for the cleaning of shell heat exchangers and an efficient operation of the units.

Cold cutting techniques applied on pipes and metal sheets are carried out by SEA s.r.l. in a fully autonomous way by a specialised staff using hydro-erosive methods, consisting of premixed abrasive water-jet, as stated in the minimum safety and environmental protection requirements on equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres during the execution of land remediation works.