Equipment rental

SEA’s constantly evolving technical equipment momentarily consists of:

  • Rental of vacuum excavator;
  • High pressure pumps for hydrodynamic cleaning (P max= 1000 bar);
  • High pressure pumps for cold cutting and milling operations (P max= 2500 bar);
  • Pumps for the transfer of fluids (Q max= 700 m3/h);
  • BHD systems for sludge fluidisation in in-service-tanks;
  • SBHD and RBHD systems for the fluidisation and the remediation of maintenance tanks;
  • SRPS and SRV systems for an automated extraction of sludge from maintenance tanks (and reservoirs);
  • Electric and hydraulic positive displacement pumps for extraction and transfer of hydrocarbon products and/or highly viscous fluids;
  • Tube lancer for an automated cleaning of inside/outside of tube bundles;
  • Aerial extractor;
  • Extractor on wheels;
  • Tube bundle transporter;
  • Chemical cleaning plant;
  • Analytical quality control devices;
  • Closed-cycle plant;
  • Physico-chemical treatment plant for waste water;
  • Horizontal decanter centrifuges;
  • Vertical decanter centrifuges;
  • Automatic filter presses;
  • Sludge filter press pilot plant;
  • Sludge dewatering pilot plant;
  • Pilot plant for the physico-chemical and biological treatment of waste water;
  • Pilot plant for the recovery of hydrocarbons from refinery sludge;
  • Water de-oiling plant;
  • Sewage suction tank trucks ADR;
  • Fine dust vacuum;
  • Lifting equipment;

Ground handling equipment.

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