Asbestos remediation and MMVF


is a natural occurring fibrous mineral, used for decades both in the civil and industrial sectors. It becomes dangerous when inhaled once its fibres break down in the environment, thus increasing the risk of contracting:

  • asbetosis;
  • pleural mesothelioma;
  • lung cancer.

The national legislation has therefore issued specific regulations to suspend the use of asbestos and imposed severe restrictions on the remediation of contaminated land.
Hence, S.E.A. Srl has an internal technical structure composed of a highly skilled staff meeting the requirements to
coordinate planning and design work for asbestos remediation.   

Each asbestos decontamination intervention is based on a risk assessment comprehending:

  • monitoring;
  • cluster analysis;
  • evaluation of environmental contamination;
  • evaluation of occupational exposure levels of  the staff;
  • ad hoc planning of the intervention;
  • performing administrative procedures with the relevant authorities.

In compliance with the regulation in force, the remediation works will be articulated as follows:

  1. Containment: the contaminated area will be isolated from the outer environment;
  2. Encapsulation: application of blocking products on the contaminated area;
  3. Removal: elimination of the material and remediation of the environment.

During the restoration process S.E.A. srl will be using state-of-the-art equipment validated both by national and international bodies.